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Hello and welcome to my website. If you are here to consider your DJ options for a function, I believe you have arrived at the right place to book your DJ. Come in and have a good look around and I hope you will agree. If you need any more information please contact me, I am always happy to chat.




John Stanley, DJ

Adventures in Disco 

Mission Statement


As an experienced DJ of 22 years and a partygoer in my own right, I recognise the huge importance of the music at an event. It has to be appropriate for the musical tastes and age-group of the guests. The right songs get the crowd going and this creates a synergy between the DJ and the crowd that makes a party amazing. I am responsible for making sure you get the party you want. I send my customers a request sheet so that I know what songs and artists they like. These are then mixed and blended throughout the party along with requests from their guests. I never lose sight of the fact that every event  is unique and special. A birthday, a wedding or an anniversary. A celebration that has been invested in and planned, sometimes several months in advance. It is my duty as the DJ to use my skill and my energy to make every event memorable for all the right reasons. When you book a disco with me you can be assured that I will give everything to fulfil this mission.


John Stanley DJ

 Adventures in Disco.

Committed and Versatile DJ

 I am so committed to ensuring your party is successful that I have a mission statement. (See below).


I am versatile and capable of delivering a quality job for any party no matter the age-group or occasion.


I have DJ'd at everything from smaller private events to huge events such as the Mayor of Croydon's St George's Day Charity Ball in 2003.






Established and Consistent Quality

I have an 22 year track-record in the business. The customer feedback section of my site extends back ten years so that you can see what my customers have said about my work.


It illustrates my consistency and demonstrates how I have maintained my standards over a lengthy period of time.


There you will also find a number of recommendations from regular customers. You can also visit my Facebook page to see feedback from more recent events I have attended.



Clear and Fair Pricing

 I have a fair and transparent pricing policy.

No charge for the time it takes me to set-up and pack up, only for the time I play.


No charge for travel expenses for distances within 50 miles of Coulsdon. 


My prices are fixed with no hidden extras. 


See the rates and services section for more information.



Charity Fundraising

I believe in giving something back, which is why I am a supporter of charity fundraisers. I organised one back in 2011 which raised substantial funds for Age Concern and to subsidise trips for the children at Liberty Primary School, where I worked at the time.

 I have provided my services at very low prices or even free to support good causes on several occasions. I played free of charge on Good Friday,25 March 2016 at Leatherhead FC and likewise at Tadworth Cricket Club on 2 July 2017 to help to raise funds for The Children's Trust. As stated below, my Big Nights Out in 2018 and 2019 have been well received and successful.  


Adventures in Disco's Big Night Out. 22 December 2018 and 14 December 2019


The 2018 event was a huge success, raising over £1000 in total with £541.39 going to The British Heart Foundation to fund life saving research. In 2019 The Alzheimer's Society benefitted from £610 which was raised. Due to Covid restrictions I was unable to organise Big Nights Out for 2020 or 2021. I still hope to have one this year to raise funds for another different worthy cause. I hope you will be able to join me at one of these events in future.

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