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Adventures in Disco

Rainbow Man:                               Children's Entertainment

I have not forgotten my roots in the entertainment business and my alter-ego Rainbow Man and I still occasionally

do children's parties and discos with lots of fun and games thrown in. These are good for the littler ones who may need a bit more structure and an opportunity to run around a bit. I have numerous recommendations, including a written one from Dame Judi Dench herself (see below).   


I do not do as many afternoon parties as I used to due to family commitments but if you want to contact me with your plans I can check my availability for you.  

             Highly Recommended

From Dame Judi Dench DBE         February 2004


I have known John Stanley- Mr Rainbow Man- for several years, ever since he first came to entertain the children at my grandson's birthday party. He has been a regular visitor ever since, until we felt that the children were of an age where they needed a different kind of diversion.


John is wonderful with children and, once he arrives, you know that you can relax because he has their full attention and has them fully organized for games, or singing or whatever new ideas he has.


I cannot recommend John highly enough. He obviously loves children and loves entertaining them, and they adore him. I wish him well for the future.

              How do I entertain?


All the children will be fully involved. From experience I’ve learnt that the best way to keep everyone interested at a party is to let them play an active part.



Tailor made for your needs:

As the host you can sit back and relax or join in, the choice is yours. I am happy to help you with your party arrangements, just let me know what you need. I can work in the home, in a hired venue, or even outside!


What do I do? 


I always take account of what the children at each party wish to do and I structure

the entertainment around their tastes. What they want will decide what we do at the party but examples of activities include:    

Games Galore: A wide variety of games and activities will keep them engaged for the whole party. 

Musical islands, traffic lights, giant snakes and ladders, Treasure Map, team games, theatre and skateboard races are just a few of the lively adventures for the children to enjoy.    


Disco: I have all of their favourite music plus disco lights for a great dance party.


Talent Show: The older kids can sing with microphones to their favourite chart music in an X-Factor type party, while the little ones can simply sing nursery rhymes. Let them show you how talented they are!

Years of experience:

I have wide experience of working with children of all ages. I have been a children’s entertainer since 1998, I work in comprehensive education and have previously worked for eight years with primary aged children in school.



Peace of mind:

As a requirement of my educational role, I have been fully CRB checked, with the documentation to back that up. 


How much do I cost?

1.5 hours – £130.00, 2 hours – £150.00, 3 hours £180.00 


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